Adding Value when Feeling Overwhelmed

You know that you need to provide value to the customer, but how exactly do you do that? These tips below will prompt you to think of ways you can add value outside of the tangible product or service your client is paying for.


If you know exactly what problem your client is trying to solve, you can come up with an appropriate solution. A client may say “I need help with marketing!” but that is not specific enough. What is the end goal of the client and what vehicle of marketing will get them there? The more specific this metric can be, the better.


It’s impossible to be the best at everything, so it’s important to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. If a client comes to you and requires A, B, C and you can only provide X, Y, Z – be honest and tell them you are not the best fit. Despite this situation seeming counterintuitive (turning away a client?!), it will do two things for you. (1) It will create a level of trust between you and the client. The client knows they won’t be taken advantage of for a quick dollar. (2) It will solidify your standing in being the best at whatever you do. There will be a time where either this client or someone they know will require services you render and your name will be the first one to pop up.


The golden rule of asking for referrals is 3:1. This means that you should have offered to help someone three times before you ask them for something in return. Send them an article they may like, introduce them to someone in your network, or simply check in to see if you can help in any way. This will build trust with the client which is crucial for increasing your business.
Pro Tip: You can use the Introduction feature within Contactually to easily introduce two people in your network. To learn more about the introduction feature, click here.


It’s no surprise that consistency pays off. Being fair and living up to your word builds trust with your clients. That is worth more than any paid advertising. Have character – that’s what counts.


Everyone wants to feel special, especially people paying you money! Take some time to learn about your client and their interests and hobbies. If your client is unreachable or doesn’t seem interested in small talk, ask the people around them. A secretary, a partner, or even a co-worker should be able to give you insight as to what may make the client smile. Ask questions like “I was thinking of sending Mr. Bell a small set of chocolates as a thank you, do you think he would like that?”. This way you aren’t interrogating the person close to your client and they will also be more likely to confirm or deny your assumption.
Pro Tip: Use the “Notes” field to log as many personal details about the person as you can.


What makes you special? Why is it that someone should choose you over the next person? If you don’t have an answer to this – find one. It could be you offer extra training sessions free of charge. Or you provide them with a personalized gift at the end. Maybe you have a particular expertise in a niche category. There are many ways to differentiate yourself, so find yours!


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