Assigning Contacts

Assigning contacts within a team will allow one team member to be responsible for following up with a contact.

In this post you’ll learn:

When happens when you assign a contact

Contact profile page

The profile page of the contact will update to show who is assigned to them.

Notification Reminders

Only that team member will get notifications on their dashboard to follow up with a contact. Even if other people on the team have the contact in a bucket with a follow up time, the system will ignore those prompts. It will only look to the team member assigned to prompt follow up reminders.

How to assign a contact to a team member

Contact profile page

Contacts can have a team member assigned to them directly from their contact record.

Contacts tab

Assign the contact in-line on the Contacts tab.

  1. Check the box of the contact(s) you would like to a team member
  2. Select the more option at the bottom of the page
  3. Select ‘Assigned User’
  4. Check the box of the team member(s) you would like to assign this contact to
  5. Select ‘Save’

Things to know
  1. If a contact is assigned to a team member, that will not affect any programs a team member puts the contact on. Those program emails and tasks will still go out regardless of who is assigned to the contact.
  2. You can filter to just your assigned contacts by selecting the ‘Assigned to’ filter on the left of the Contacts Tab
  3. You can export a list of your assigned contacts by filtering to just you assigned contacts and then exporting ‘Just This Search’.

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