Generating More Business

When people feel like they know you, they're more likely to recommend you to others.

Generating more business can be a daunting task, but Contactually is here to help.

Want to find new customers, and close more deals? You belong here if:

  • You want to keep and close more of the leads you have
  • You want to turn one-time clients into lifelong clients
  • You want to automate lower ROI processes so you can focus on higher ROI processes

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Tying It All Together

Once you've mastered the basics, build out a complete strategy for generating more business.

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Real Life Examples

Jason Economides

ECO Business Academy- London, UK

When Jason Economides starts working with a new client, his promise is that his company will find $10-20,000 of additional revenue for that client within 30 days, guaranteed. Typically these additional low-hanging revenue opportunities come from the client’s existing network, missed upsells, or process changes. Ironically, Jason didn’t always employ the same guarantee for his own business so he let Contactually do the heavy lifting for him.

“I’m pretty good at outbound emailing/calling generally, but frankly, before Contactually I relied on flashes of inspiration and serendipitous remembering of who to call.” As someone who is not shy to the telephone, contacting people was never a matter of the conversation, but often a matter of who he needed to contact to make sure he was spending his time wisely and realizing the greatest ROI. After hearing “Oh! I just bought coaching from another company. I wish I had remembered and spoken with you 2 weeks ago!” one too many times, Jason knew it was time to invest in his own follow-up process to ensure ECO Business Academy’s success.

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jeremyJeremy C. Jones

Business Coach – Phoenix, AZ

After serving in the military, Jeremy Jones combined his networking and tech skills to start a new marketing and business coaching company. He spent much of the last 10 years growing a strong network of business relationships, resulting in a strong referral and cross-promotional network. Ironically, however, Jeremy’s prior process for keeping in touch with his sphere was ad hoc at best. It was very time consuming and difficult to track because he hadn’t yet found a system to help automate the process.

After Jeremy signed on with Contactually, he instantly found that the system helped him save lots of time when it came to maintaining his database. Jeremy believes that Contactually’s task automation has saved him up to 5 hours each week, which he can now devote to coaching his clients or spending valuable time with his family. Jeremy quickly came to rely on Contactually’s email signature scraper to automatically update his contacts’ profiles with new information. He also utilizes Contactually’s email templates and ScaleMail features in tandem to meaningfully communicate with an entire bucket of contacts at once. 

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