Increasing Referrals with Contactually

When people feel like they know you, they're more likely to recommend you to others.

You need more referrals… good thing you have Contactually!

The ability to generate new referrals is one of Contactually’s most important features. You’ll find this section helpful if :

  • Your revenue comes directly from the people in your network
  • Staying top of mind with contacts is extremely important
  • You understand the importance and power behind referrals

The Basics

Fundamental Contactually concepts that will help you generate more referrals.

Tying It All Together

Once you've mastered the basics, build out a complete referral generation strategy.

Using the Plug-in

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What Do I Say?

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Using Introductions


Real Life Examples

Bryan-MoodyBryan Moody Mesa, AZ

“Once I started using Contactually, the stacks of business cards began to dwindle and all of the hand-written notes on who to follow up with and when started to disappear.” Previously, business cards from networking events would sit on Bryan’s desk without action and those budding relationships would go stale quickly.

“Right away, I integrated my Gmail and contacts with Contactually. Within just a couple of weeks, Contactually reminded me of several people that I had great conversations with in the past, but were completely off my radar. Once I followed up, they joined the network and were really glad to hear from me.”

Read the full case study.

Michael LeFevre

Psychotherapist – Denver, CO

Contactually helps Michael build more trust with people that might not immediately be ready to schedule an appointment, but have the need. Since Michael’s business is referral-based, Contactually also ensures that he stays top-of-mind with those professionals he meets at networking events that serve his same market.

“I am using Contactually as a part of the Book Yourself Solid program, and thus far have been very pleased with the results. I have enjoyed bringing my networking strategy into this platform.  So far, I have bucketed almost 500 contacts and use the daily suggestions to keep in touch with my leads, as well as maintain relationships with my network of other professionals. ”

Read the full case study.