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Real Life Examples

Doug Serven

Pastor, Oklahoma City, OK

As the pastor of a new church in downtown Oklahoma City, Doug Serven knew that he had to make his communication with his congregation individual and proactive. In order to live his church’s mission — love God, love people, love the city — he knew that he could not show that he cared as much as he actually did without a system or process in place.

Before instituting Contactually, Doug admits that his outreach to individuals in his congregation at City Presbyterian Church was more reactive than he would have liked. “A part of my job and calling is caring for and meeting new people. I want to care the best that I can and ask people how they’re doing, what they’re up to and what I can pray about for them.” As a pastor for a startup church, he also needed to network with the greater community, to plant firm roots within the city and help all who were in need, whether they ended up joining the church or not. “I just had to keep all this in my brain, which wasn’t working! So basically I was only responding to contact, but not making contacts myself.”

Prior to implementing Contactually, Doug would reach out to 12-15 people in a given week. Typically it was those who sought him out first and were in dire need of prayer, but he found that there were many out there that felt their problems did not warrant calling or emailing the pastor.

Read the full case study.

Ron Johnson

Cyberoptik – Chicago, IL

Within the first 6 months of using Contactually, Ron Johnson generated an additional $20,000 in revenue as a result of using the platform regularly. As the head of sales and marketing for Cyberoptik, a full-service web design firm in Chicago that works with companies up to $150 million in revenue, Ron found that the hours in the day did not allow for the number of people he needed to reach.

“I had tried other CRM tools in the past, but they were always too bulky, too inefficient, or just didn’t sit well with me.” Instead, Ron operated a homegrown system that consisted of an Excel spreadsheet full of prospects and clients. “On a not-so-regular basis, I would go through that sheet to follow up with everyone. I would manually search for the latest email conversation with each person, which took way longer than it should have.”

After discovering Contactually through a TechCrunch article, he decided to put aside his ad hoc Excel spreadsheet in pursuit of more productive pastures. “I loved the concept behind Contactually, so I signed up and started testing it out. I started by connecting my Gmail account, setting up my buckets and intensely bucketing all of my contacts. The process of bucketing contacts takes time — there’s no getting around that — but the reward for doing so is SO worth it.”

Read the full case study.