Examples of Pipelines + Programs for Generating More Business

One key to success is to having and using a process. Below are examples of pipelines you can couple with programs to automate certain actions. Use directions below as a guide.

Here are a few use cases:

Hiring for positions within a company

  • Once you’ve found someone you would like to interview, send them automated emails to gauge interest. This can be done with a program.
  • Once someone has expressed interest, make sure you stay top of mind. A short time frame to follow up is crucial so this candidate does not slip through the cracks.
  • Sometimes the timing is off for a candidate. Check in every 3 months to keep them in the loop.

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Working with a buyer to purchase a home

  • Ensure the buyers choose you by staying top of mind. Make sure your name pops into their head first by following up frequently.
  • The process of showing homes can be tedious and some buyers have extremely particular requirements. By communicating with your buyer at least once a week, you’re showing the buyer you are doing your best to find them the perfect house.
  • After helping a buyer find their perfect home, it’s important to regularly touch base. Use a program to create an automatic action plan to ensure no touch point is missed. Here’s how to create one.

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Juggling multiple projects

  • You want to consistently communicate with anyone who has expressed interest. Follow up with them every 5 days to stay in touch without being pushy.
  • Keep communication channels open after completing a project with a client. Automate a program to do this so you can spend your time working with your current clients.
  • Losing a sale will happen to everyone at some point. It’s important to understand why you lost the sale to improve your business process. Have a program send those emails for you.
Step by step directions for this pipeline and can be viewed here.

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Creating content (articles, blog posts or newsletters)

  • Some people send their content off for someone else to review. By setting a follow up time frame on that stage, you’ll remember to check back in with the reviewer to ensure things are moving along.
  • You can also put reminders in here for yourself. For example, if you have a piece of content in the Edits Received stage for longer than a certain amount of time, a program can send you a notification to review the edits.

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Keeping track of sales deals

  • Within a sales process, there are generally a few weak spots. A common weak spot is retaining the lead right after the initial peak of interest. By putting a follow up time frame of 5 days on that stage, you’ll make sure these leads don’t fall through the cracks.
  • If the relationship has progressed to the conversation stage, you want to continue communication and not let it die on the vine. Weekly reminders to reach out if you haven’t already is an appropriate amount of time to do this.

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