How Do I Remove the Noise in My Account?

You connected all your accounts when you signed up with Contactually and irrelevant contacts are flooding into your account. Get them out!

This post will walk you through how to remove all the contacts you don’t want in the system.

Removing unwanted contacts
    • Click to the Contacts tab at the top of your account.
    • You should see all your contacts listed here. Click the first filter on the left hand side called Buckets.
    • Click the Unbucketed option. This will show you all the unbucketed contacts.
    • Click a second filter, called Accounts, at the bottom. You will see all the accounts you have connected to Contactually.
    • Choose the account you want to remove contacts from. In this example, we will check the “facebook” option. This will now show you all the contacts that came from facebook that are unbucketed.
    • From here, scroll through the contacts listed and check off the ones you want to remove. If you want to remove all of them, just check the white box above the first contact.
Select All
    • Once you’ve selected the contacts you want to remove, click the Edit Buckets button at the bottom of your screen. Add them to a bucket called “Ignore”. If that bucket doesn’t already exists, just create it. Then click Save.
Edit Buckets
ignore bucket

We are putting these contacts in a bucket called Ignore to gather them all into one area. Since no follow-up time frame will be associated with these contacts, Contactually knows you don’t want to follow up with these people.

What if I want to delete the contacts entirely from the system? If that’s the case, instead of the Edit Buckets button, click the trashcan icon in the bottom right corner. Delete
CAUTION: If you delete a contact from Contactually, we will put a block on their email address. They will not automatically populate back in the system even if you begin communicating with them in the future. More information about deleting contacts can be read here.
  • Double check to make sure that no follow-up reminder is placed on the Ignore bucket.
  • Go to the Buckets tab at the top of your account.
  • Make sure the Ignore bucket does NOT have a follow-up reminder next to it.cleanout7

    Tada! A quick and easy way to clean up the noise in your account. Follow-ups will only be generated for contacts in a bucket with a follow-up reminder.

    It should be said that there is not a ‘right’ way. These are simply recommendations that been successfully used by other Contactually users. Use what works for you!


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