How Do I Build a Habit?

Life is busy, we all know that. By sporadically logging into Contactually, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of actions you’ve neglected. It’s best to make Contactually part of your normal routine.

In this post we will discuss the ways to make Contactually a habit. They include:

Scheduling Contactually into your calendar

Whether it’s a physical paper calendar or an online electronic calendar, open it.

Think to yourself, when would I have 30 minutes to use Contactually? Be honest with yourself. If you’re not a morning person, don’t schedule it for the morning! Below are examples of when some of our users schedule their Contactually time:

  • They send follow ups while drinking their first (or second) cup of coffee
  • They won’t leave for lunch until they’ve gone into Contactually
  • They’ve dedicated a certain time of a certain day to do admin/computer tasks
  • After dinner they pour a drink and play the Bucket Game

Sending follow ups may be the goal of Contactually, but as long as you’re logging in, you’re slowly building a habit. Maybe you play the bucket game 2 times each night. Maybe you send one follow up each morning. Figure out what works for you and stick to it.

Use your smart phone reminders

If you have an iPhone 4 or higher or an Android, you can set location based reminders. If you know you always use Contactually when you’re at your office, have a recurring reminder pop up when you walk in the office door.

iPhone informationclick here.

Android informationclick here

Contactually as your homepage in Chrome

Want Contactually to be your Chrome homepage? Follow the below directions on how to do that:

Make sure the page opens to You’ll want it to open directly to your dashboard.

Want Contactually to be open automatically when you open Chrome? Even better! Follow these directions on how to do that.

Keep yourself accountable

It’s not rocket science that keeping yourself accountable makes you more likely to stick with a product. Here are ways to keep accountable:

  • Buddy up with someone else you know that is using Contactually. Make a game out of it. The person with the lower grade must take the other one out for coffee.
  • Pay for the annual plan. If you’ve paid for it upfront, it will drive you to utilize your account more. No one likes to waste money.
  • Keep a small physical calendar near your computer. Each day you go into Contactually make a big check mark or put a sticker on it. Seeing the marks pile up on your calendar will give you the drive to keep the streak going.
  • Use accountability apps like 21habit and beeminder. If you don’t send the number of follow ups you want, you will be charged a fee.

Ultimately the goal is to log into Contactually regularly. That’s it! Everything else will come naturally once Contactually is a habit.


Not sure what to say in your follow ups? Click here to read about some ideas.