How to Set Up Your Team

You love Contactually so much you want to have your team on Contactually. Hooray!

The great news is that by default you are already the admin of your own Team, and all you have to do is invite people to your Team to begin collaborating. 

*Note* If you are already a paying user, when you invite people to join your Team, you will be charged for their accounts going forward.  The Team Admin will be charged for the entire Team and every member of the Team must be on the same subscription.  There is no way for Team Admins to be on one subscription while regular Team Members are on another.  Click HERE for more information.

    • To create a team, go to your picture or initials in the top right corner of your account and click on your Settings.
    • On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll want to select the Users option under Team.
    • You will see that you are the only member of your Team at this point
    • Next, you’ll want to invite your team members. Select Add New User in the top right.
    • Type in our Team Member’s first name, last name, and email address.
    • Click the blue Save button and Contactually will send them an email inviting them to set-up their account.
    • Repeat these actions until all of your Team Members have been added. 
What if they already have a Contactually account? To have their account added to your team, you will need to submit a Support Ticket to our Support Team.  We will then connect your the account to your Team on the back end for you.
What if they don’t have a Contactually account? You already created their account! All they need to do is set-up their Contactually account from the email that we sent to them,  when you added them to your Team.
  • Click the Bucket tab at the top of your account.

What are team buckets and how are they different than my ‘regular’ buckets?

Contactually has two types of buckets: Team buckets and personal buckets. They are both created within the buckets tab. Team buckets allow team members to share contact data across the team. Personal buckets do not, these are your buckets and the rest of your Team will not have access to the Contacts in these buckets. 
The only way for contact information to be shared is if that contact in a team bucket.
      • Let’s set up a bucket. Select a Bucket that you would like to share with your Team.
      • Select the Sharing option within the bucket.
      • Now, choose who has access, by selecting Add team member + in the top right, to the bucket and what level of access they should have.

What are my options?

Access – By default all Team members who have access to a team bucket will be able to View the Contacts in the bucket. You can give your Team members higher access if you would like them to be able to edit the contacts in the bucket as well as the bucket itself.
View Conversation – This will allow each team member to see the conversations team members have had with this particular contact.
Reminder – If you want a team member to be responsible for following up with a bucket of contacts, you can notate that timeframe here. If anyone on your team communicates with a contact in this bucket, it will reset the timeframe for follow up.
REMINDER: Only the Owner of the Team bucket can delete the Team bucket.
  • Scroll to the top of this page and click on Permissions. This will show your options as a team admin.

Let’s walk through these permissions:

Contact Data Export – if you want to give your team members the ability to export information as they please, check this box. If unchecked, team members will be limited in their export capabilities.
Share All Contacts – to show the names of all contacts within the team database, whether or not the contact is in a shared bucket. However, no action can be taken on a contact unless that contact is in a team bucket. This feature allows you to search for a contact to see if they exist in the system.
Deleting Contacts – If you want to give your team an ‘open book’ policy to update and delete contacts, have this checked.

      • Choose the settings of your choice, select the blue Save Stettings button, and your team has been created! Congratulations! Make sure team members begin putting contacts into a team buckets.


Walk through the different team structures to understand what would work best for your company.