Pipelines for Teams

If sharing of information across the team is important to you, learn how to leverage Contactually’s pipelines for a visual tracking tool.

If you would like a refresher on how pipelines work, read this post. In this post, we’ll cover:

  1. How to share a pipeline
  2. Team pipelines
  3. Shared individual pipelines
  4. Things to know
How to share a pipeline

The first step in team sharing of pipeline information is to actually share the pipeline. This can be done from the Sharing option at the top of your pipeline. 

Team pipelines

If you want to see how the team is doing overall, you will want to create a team pipeline. This set up is ideal if you’re not concerned about seeing deals grouped off by team member.

  1. You, the team admin, create a pipeline called Current Clients and add the stages that pertain to this pipeline.
  2. Share it with the team members that you want.
  3. Have your team members go into the pipeline and add in the deals they are working on.

You can see a list of the team members assigned to a pipeline and their access level under the Sharing option.

In this scenario, having follow up reminders and programs in the pipeline is not recommended. This is because only the creator of the pipeline can add programs/follow up reminders, and consequently, only the creator will get those notifications. So as team members move their deals around in the pipeline, they may unknowingly trigger a program.

Shared individual pipelines

If you want to see how each team member is making progress on their deals, create a pipeline for each of them. This way you can manage each team member individually and make sure they are maximizing their time and effort.

  1. Have each team member create a pipeline. Have them label it as “TeamMember Pipeline”.
  2. Make sure they share it with you.
  3. Have each team member add their deals to their pipeline.

It may be helpful to have a standard pipeline stages you want your team members to include. That way there is no variability amongst the different team members’ pipelines.

Since the team members created their own pipeline, they can set up follow up frequencies and programs of their choice.

Things to know

  • There are 2 levels of access you can give your teammates:
    • Editor – Can add, modify, and remove deals.  Can add and remove contacts to and from deals, and view conversations.
    • Manager – Can add and remove people people from the pipeline + all of the ‘Editor’ access.
  • You must manually move a deal from stage to stage. You cannot set up a program to do that.
  • You cannot move a deal from one pipeline to another, you must re-create it in the new pipeline.


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