Programs for Getting Referrals

Programs allow you to set up a series of actions with a particular contact or group over a period of time, either automatically or with your approval. You can see an overview of programs by clicking this link.

Listed below are steps to take when asking a current client for a referral. It’s not rocket science, but asking for a referral is the first step in getting them!



    1. Click on the Programs tab at the top of your account. Then select “Create Program”.

    1. Create a new Program and name it “Current Client Engagement”.
    2. Type this Goal “Engage with current clients to receive a referral.”
    3. Attach a bucket to this program so that every contact within this bucket automatically has the program kick off. Select the “Current Clients” bucket. NOTE: The program will only automatically begin for contacts who are bucketed into this bucket from this point forward.


    1. Click the “Add step” button.
    2. For the time frame, choose 1 day. Why so soon? Because you should thank the client as soon as possible. You want to make sure he/she knows you are extremely appreciative to be working with him/her.
    3. Select custom task for the action and type in “Thank the client for working with me, if haven’t done so already”. program_updated4

Why not automate this email? The reason you don’t want this automated is because you may have already thanked the client naturally in conversation. By creating a task, you can simply remind yourself to perform the action if you haven’t already.

    1. Uncheck “Reset delay if we interact”. No need to wait to have this action happen.
This “Reset delay if we interact” feature will give you the option to pause the action if you’re already in communication with the contact. The action will only be triggered once you have not spoken to the contact in a certain amount of time.
You’ve created your first step, so let’s move on to the next one.


It’s always a good idea to connect with your client on social media. It will allow your client to see what you’ve been up to after the project has closed. Let’s add a new step and add him/her to the social media platform of your choice!

  1. Click the “Add step” button.
  2. Choose 14 days as the time frame.You don’t want to bombard him/her in the beginning with a ton of different touches outside of the project.
  3. Select custom task for the action and type in “Add on LinkedIn”. Feel free to alter that message if you’d prefer another social media site. program_updated5
  4. Because the invitation is more of a ‘soft’ touch so go ahead and uncheck “Reset delay if we interact”.


You want to strike while the iron is hot! Since you should be in the depths of working on a project with the client, ask for the referral now! Luckily, you already have a template to send.

    1. Click the “Add step” button.
    2. Choose 3 days as the time frame.
    3. Select Send Message. You will send your “Ask for referral – Current Client” template. Directions on how to create that template are here.
    4. Choose the time and email address you want to send from.
    5. Below, in the Tracking section, select Open. This will show you if a contact has opened the email you sent. It’s always an interesting thing to see!
    1. Check “Require approval before executing” because you want to make sure you can preview the message before it goes out.
This “Require my approval before executing” feature will allow you to approve/deny the action prior to execution. You will see the prompt on your dashboard. If you choose to approve the action (i.e. an email to be sent out) you will still get another chance to review/edit the email before it goes out. If you choose Deny, the program step will skip and the contact continues onto the next step.
  1. Uncheck “Reset delay if we interact”. Odds are you’re in fairly recent communication with your client so no need to wait.
  2. You’re done with this step.


A great way to add value to your relationship is to introduce that client to someone else in your network. You’re seen as being helpful and building goodwill, but more importantly, it shows that you’re paying attention to your client and helping him/her grow their business. So, let’s add a step!

    1. Click the “Add step” button.
    2. Choose 30 days as the time frame. You’ll want to wait some time before you communicate with your client (outside of work stuff), which is why this step is a month later.
    3. Select a custom task and type in “Introduce them to someone”. It may take some brainstorming to think of who he or she should be introduced to. Not sure who to introduce them to? Read this article for some quick tips.
Once you have found just the perfect person to introduce your client to, you can use the introduction template you’ve created called “Introducing a Current Client” to facilitate that message. Click here to see directions on how to create that template.
  1. This last step in the program, so click the blue Save button. This program is now ready to be used!


Why did we attach a bucket to this program? By attaching a bucket to this program, all new contacts entered into this bucket will automatically have this program kick in.

What about the contacts already in a bucket? If you want to apply a program to an existing bucket you need to create a new bucket, attach the program, and then move those contacts over to the new bucket. It’s not until the contact passes through the bucketing ‘phase’ does it pick up the program automatically. Contacts in an existing bucket will *not* have the program applied to them.

What if I don’t want to attach an entire bucket to a program? If you’re not comfortable automatically putting contacts onto a program, you can simply just go to each contact’s personal profile page and add him/her to the program of your choice. You do *not* have to apply a program to a bucket.2program10


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