Building Your Personal Brand Online: The Geeky Girls’ Guide


Your personal brand, a combination of your personality, values, past performance, reputation and resume, is more important than ever, especially in real estate. It’s what people remember first when they think of you, and equally importantly, is what your prospects and sphere will use to differentiate you from your competitors. So, what are you telling the world?

Join Laurie Davis and Melissa Case, also known as the Geeky Girls, and Contactually in a 60-minute webinar as we talk all things personal branding. In the webinar, we’ll dig deep to help you develop a blueprint for building your online presence based on your unique personality and real life achievements. Throughout the webinar, we’ll answer pressing questions like:

  • What is a personal brand?
  • Do you know your value proposition?
  • How do you translate that to online platforms?
  • Where should you have an online presence?
  • and much more.
Get ready to get your geek on!

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May 20, 2015