Connect Contactually with your favorite apps with Zapier

Managing your contacts and sales leads can be quite tedious, and the right tool can really pay off. With Contactually, you can organize virtually all of your contact and lead data, but what if you need that information to play nicely with the other apps in your arsenal?

Enter Zapier, a great tool that can help you bridge the gap between Contactually, your precious contact data and other apps you love to use every day. Join us and Alison Groves, Community Manager at Zapier, in our upcoming webinar, where we will cover a few different ways you can move data between Contactually and those apps you use to make your life a bit easier. By the end of the webinar, we’ll have covered:

  • How automating your data helps you and your business
  • Data automation use cases and explanations
  • How to set up Zaps connecting Contactually to great tools like Wufoo, Aweber and Google Contacts
  • and much more.

Posted on

May 15, 2015