How NOT To Get Referrals


With growing competition and budget demands, it’s becoming harder and harder to win new business. Yet, so many sales people leave potential new revenues untapped and unexplored.

The reason is very simple. Across a range of industries, referral strategies range from tired and predictable to passive to simply non-existent. Networking is still treated as a skill, not a core business strategy. Where referrals strategies do exist, they tend to be lazy, poorly timed and ineffective.

As a result, potential new business simply goes elsewhere.

Join us for this free 60-minute webinar, in which Andy Lopata, one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists, will share the key mistakes he sees from many unsuccessful companies that ensure that they don’t get nearly as many referrals as they should. Throughout the webinar, he’ll cover:

  • Why the majority of current approaches to generate referrals fail
  • The number of people who could refer you but you haven’t even thought of asking
  • How you might prevent yourself from asking for referrals with lame excuses
  • Exactly how you might be consistently settling for less
  • and much more.

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May 5, 2015