Rock Your Sales in Five Branded Steps

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Your business’s marketing efforts are what get your potential clients to come knocking at your door. Once this happens, you put these VIPs into your CRM and start managing the ever important follow-up and keep-in-touch process. This is the part where things could easily go astray. If you don’t catch, and more importantly, maintain the attention of your leads, you’ll lose the sale you worked so hard to get.

Join us in this free 60-minute webinar, where Melanie Spring, Chief Inspiration Officer and Brand Strategist at branding firm Sisarina, and Brian Pesin, Senior Marketing Manager, Partnerships at Contactually will show you how to find your brand’s voice and use it to ensure your sales process matches your marketing and gets you more business. Throughout the webinar, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Create great marketing efforts that lead to a full pipeline
  • Truly know and live your brand’s potential
  • Infuse personal elements into your automated processes
  • Construct comprehensive and dynamic marketing campaigns
  • and much more.

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January 22, 2015