Video Marketing for Real Estate: The Who, What, Where and How


Using online videos for lead generation and customer service has grown substantially over the past year — over 30% — with good reason. Video brings a strong visual and emotional element to real estate, regardless of the viewer’s physical location.

Join us for a free 60 minute webinar, during which you’ll learn how real estate professionals can utilize video marketing to enhance their overall marketing and branding strategy. In this webinar, social media strategist and keynote speaker Katie Lance will answer pertinent questions like:

  • Where should I start with video marketing?
  • Should you DIY or hire a professional?
  • Which agents and brokers are using video successfully to grow their business?
  • What are the different types of video an agent should consider?
  • How do I get more video views and ultimately more traffic to my website that converts to leads?
  • … and many more!

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February 5, 2015