ScaleMail for Simplicity

Knowing you need to follow up with a lot of people can be daunting. By using Contactually’s scalemail feature you can send a lot of follow ups to different people in a few clicks of a button.

In this post, you will learn how to send a message to 5 people at one time. The limits to ScaleMail are 50 messages at a time and up to 300 in a day.

Using ScaleMail


    • Click to your contacts tab at the top of your account.
You will see all your contacts listed. To the left of each contact’s name is a white box.
      • Check the white box for the first 5 contacts listed. It doesn’t matter who they are, it’s just for this example.
      • Once the contacts have been selected, click the red “Scalemail” button at the bottom of your screen. (Don’t worry we won’t actually message these people!)


        • When you click the red Scalemail button an empty follow up window will pop up.
Here you can write the message to the contacts. Or if you have a pre-written template, you can apply it.
        • Click the blue Email templates link right below the subject line.
        • Choose to load the Default Template.
        • Once the message loads, click the blue Next button. Again, don’t worry, you won’t actually send the message.
        • In the preview page, the first thing you’ll want to choose is the email address you want to send from.
Is there a way to choose a default email address to always populate? Unfortunately, no. You just need to double check the message each time to ensure the proper email address is listed.
        • Click the drop down menu and choose the email address of your choice.

You can also choose the email address you want to send the message to if you have more than one for the contact.

You should notice that both the reference information on the right and the salutation change depending on the recipient.

        • You can still add in specific details to each individual message. Go ahead and type in extra details for the third recipient on the list. Below is an example.
You can add in as many details as you want to each message without it affecting the other messages.

        • Once you’re happy with the messages, you can click Send to send those emails off!
What happens when I click send? Each recipient will get their own individual message from you. It’s not a BCC and they won’t know that others have received similar messages. Copies should be deposited directly into your Sent folder in your regular email account. If not, we’ll BCC you a copy so you always have it for your records.
How many messages can I send? You can send 50 messages at a time and no more than 300 scalemails in a day.
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