Team FAQs

We know that teams in Contactually can be a little tricky. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions amongst team admins.

What are the best ways to assign leads to my team members?

There are a few different ways to assign contacts to team members. To read up about assigning contacts, review this post.

Can I set up a separate team within my account?

No, a Contactually user can only be on one team. Additionally, each team member needs to have their own Contactually account.

Can team members be on different subscriptions?

No, subscriptions for the team are based on what the team admin has applied to their account.

What happens if I make a contact private?

If there is a contact in a shared bucket that you want to make private, simply click the icon in the top right corner to see the sharing options. Click the “Change to private” to remove your conversation history with that contact from the rest of the team.
Team members will still be able to see notes, contact information, and any custom fields for the contact. Once you’ve made the contact private, the icon will update to a red lock in the top right corner. It is reversible if you change your mind.

What happens if I apply a program to a team bucket?

The program will kick it automatically for every contact put in that bucket, if even you (the creator of the program) did not put that contact in the bucket. As an example, TeamMemberA creates a program and attaches it to Bucket A. TeamMemberB puts a contact of his into Bucket A. The program for Bucket A kicks in and all the tasks/actions/reminders will appear on TeamMemberA’s account since she was the one that originally created the program.

If both TeamMemberA and TeamMemberB have a program assigned to a team bucket and then TeamMemberC puts a contact into that shared bucket, what happens? Which programs kick off?

Both programs will kick off.

Are there reporting capabilities?

Currently there is no way to print reports to see aggregate data of any kind.  You can see “light” reporting in your Insights Tab.

I’ve created content I’d like my team members to have. Can I push templates or programs to my team members’ accounts?

Team Admins have the ability to copy their buckets, email templates, programs, and pipelines to their Team’s Library.  Once the content is copied to the Team Library, individual members can then add the content to their own account.

How do I change my team name?

By clicking this link.

What happens when I remove someone from my team?

When someone is removed from your team, the contacts that team member put into a shared bucket will continue to stay in that shared bucket. However, you will no longer be able to see the email histories of that team contact. You will see that an email was sent, but will not be able to access the content of the message.


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