Training Video Library

Simple, easy-to-follow introductions to key Contactually features.

(Looking for our webinar library? Watch them here.)

Dashboard Tour

The Dashboard is a great way to assess what’s going on in your Contactually network, and the first thing new Contactually users will see once they get started. Here’s how it works, where to find things, and what you can do to get the most of it. 

Email Templates

Email templates let you send out personalized follow-ups quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to get started with them.

Article Sharing

Want to keep track of interesting things you find online, and share them with the right people? Here’s how to do it.


Introducing two people in your network is a great way to build relationships with both of them. 


Want to send similar messages to a small group of people, but still maintain the ability to personalize? You need ScaleMail.


Get Contactually to perform all kinds of useful tasks automatically in minutes. You just have to try this.


Many relationships have different steps, phases, and parts to them. Here’s how to keep an eye on all of it.