What Buckets to Use when Feeling Overwhelmed

The first place to start to tackle the overwhelming feeling you have in Contactually is to go back where it all began… the buckets.

In this post you will learn:

Simplify and limit your buckets

You are going to significantly decrease the number of buckets with follow up reminders. Often times when you’re overwhelmed it’s because you are receiving follow up reminders on your dashboard for people who are not relevant. fewer buckets with follow up times makes for less noise on your dashboard.

    1. Click on the Buckets tab at the top of your account.
    1. Choose THREE buckets you want to stay in touch with.
    2. Click on the names of the buckets you do not want to keep and select Delete in the top right.
Why does it have to be three buckets? Because it will allow you to focus on the most important groups you want to stay in touch with.
What if I want to stay in touch with more than three buckets? You can always come back and add in more follow up reminders for buckets when you’re feeling comfortable. You want to make using Contactually as easy as possible. Start with three, add more later.
      Here are the recommended buckets to include in your account:
A. Potential Clients – 30 days

These are the people who you think would be seriously interested in working with you.

B. Referral Sources – 60 days

These are the people in your network who are important to your business. They believe in your business and send referrals your way.

C. Past Clients – 90 days

Regardless of what business you are in, keeping in touch with past clients is always a good idea.

What about ALL the other contacts in my account? Those contacts are still there but by only having follow up reminders for three buckets, you are telling Contactually to focus on that small segment of contacts for follow-up reminders. Those other contacts? They’re still in the system, but they will not be popping up on your dashboard. More about how to clear them out here.

Review your settings to make sure you’re getting the follow up reminders you want.