What Buckets To Use to Increase Referrals

If you are interested in increasing referrals from your network, it’s important that you think about the groups that will bring you those referrals. While reaching out to family and friends can be nice, is that why you are paying for a business software?

Here are the recommended buckets to include in your account:
A. Current Clients – 30 days

We all know the best source of referrals come from the people you are working with currently. Strike while the iron is hot and make sure to keep in touch with this group.

B. Referral Sources – 60 days

These are people that consistently bring you referrals. They can span across a wide variety of groups but the common denominator is that they believe in your business and send clients your way.

C. Past Clients – 90 days

Past clients are a great source of referrals for future business. When people compliment your past work, you’ll want your past clients to remember to recommend you.

Need a refresher on how to create those buckets? Follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Buckets tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Hover over the Add Bucket button to create these 3 buckets.
  3. Select New Bucket.
  4. Name the Bucket and set the number of days in the Reminder, to keep track.

Edit Buckets

In the beginning of your journey with Contactually, it’s a good idea to stick to 3 buckets that have follow-up reminders. Once you get the hang of Contactually, you can increase the number of buckets with follow-up reminders. Feel free to create other buckets for categorization (“No Follow Up Needed”, “Vendors”, “Personal Contacts”, etc.) but do not put a follow-up time frame on them.

Other helpful bucket tips:
  • Don’t put a follow-up time frame of less than 14 days unless this is a bucket that contacts will reside in temporarily.
  • Contacts can go into more than one bucket. You can do this from the Edit Buckets option on the Contacts Tab, or on a Contact’s Profile.
  • Be strict about who goes into these buckets. Keep the # of contacts to no more than 3x the follow-up days. For example, a bucket with a 30-day time frame should not have more than 90 contacts in it.

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