What to Say when Organizing your Network

So, you have your follow up reminders ready to go, except… you don’t know what to say! Here are a few tips:

Reference an old email topic

In the right hand portion of the follow up module, Contactually will list the recent emails you’ve exchanged with the contact. Why don’t you scroll through those to see if something sparks your interest?


Was combing through my old emails and remembered you were planning on going to that Willie Nelson concert in Washington, DC. How was that concert? Would you recommend it?

Hope it was a good time!


Look through their social media profiles

If your contact is active on social media, take a peek around their profiles to see what is relevant to them. What was the last thing they tweeted about? Did they post a picture on facebook of a cool vacation they just went on? Perhaps they recently changed jobs on LinkedIn? All of these are topics you can reference when you reach out.

Hey Jane,

I saw those vacation pictures from Hawaii you posted on facebook – looks like you guys had an awesome time! What was your favorite part of the trip? Would love to hear about it when you get a chance.



Find an article that is relevant to them

Having a reason to reach out to someone feels more natural than simply following up because of a time frame. Why not find an article you think your contact would find super interesting? This will give you a ‘reason’ to reach out.


Saw this article on European soccer which I know you’re a fan of. Check it out here – www.coolarticle.com.

Hope you’re having an awesome day!


Don’t ask any questions

When staying top of mind, you don’t necessarily need to ask the contact a question. Of course, asking questions is a great way to show that you’re interested in their life. However, if you just recently spoke with the contact, you don’t want to pestering them by asking for a response. Instead, just send an email letting them know you’re thinking of them and that they don’t need to respond. By removing the burden from the recipient, you will stay top of mind without being overwhelming.


Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you the other day. I’m sure you’re super busy so no need to respond back to this. Please let me know if I can help you in any way in the future.



Talk about the holidays

What time of year is it? Is there a well known holiday that’s coming up or has recently passed? Ask about their specific plans for the holiday, or, ask how they enjoyed themselves during the holiday.


How are you? Happy (belated) Halloween! Did you get a chance to dress up at all? Everyone in my office dressed up, including the dogs, ha!

Hope you didn’t eat too much leftover candy 😉


Sign up for online alerts

There are a number of third party services that will alert you when someone in your network has had their name published on the internet. Some examples of those third party notifications are newsle, google alerts and nuzzel.


I saw you were nominated for the Speech Pathologist award for December 2014 by Hearing & Speech Magazine Online! What an honor – congrats!



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